The Big Black Brawny Bull

It was late in the fall, we were gatherin' Cows!!
The weather was so bad, I was wonderin' "Just How?"
I had come on a bunch, that was all sheltered down.
Ole Blue, my cow pony, and I, tried changin' their ground.

The old ones would move, but the young would resist,
and turn back to the brush, with some I had missed.
Ole Blue, he was workin'; I was feelin' plumb proud.
When from somewhere behind me, came a beller so loud,

That it shook the earth, froze us to the spot.
We both seemed to tremble, and wonder "Just what?"
What sort of a bovine could make such a sound.
Then a charge came so heavy that it shook the ground.

When down the hill came a sight to behold,
a ton and a half, or so, I am told.
This big black brawny bull was bearin' down on us,
we were both so surprised, that Ole Blue couldn't fuss.

but we gathered our wits, just barely in time,
to dodge that big bull, and get out of his line.
but spin, like a whirlwind, that big bull he came back
knocked us over a cliff, and busted my tack.

I must of been dazed for a second or two
'cause when I came to, I was under Ole Blue.
That "good pony" stood tremblin'
lookin' down upon me.

The dust hadn't settled, I barely could see,
but through the fog and above the dust,
stood that big black brawny bull,
snortin' down at us.

I swear I could see the devil in his eye
I can't shake the feelin', no matter I try.
Then help arrived, with some of the hands,
We gathered that bunch, started back to the ranch.

Then off to my right I seen a strange sight.
I couldn't believe it, though I swear I'm right.
That big black brawny bull with the devil in his eye
was helpin' push cows and at me, laughin' for spite.

We finally arrived,
put them cows in a field.
Put that bull in a corral,
when finally he'd yield.

It was some weeks later, a party in town,
everyone went, but I stuck around
cause the chores of the ranch, just had to be done,
so someone must stay, and miss all the fun.

I was forkin' hay, to some heifers penned up,
when all of a sudden, the place did erupt.
Posts, poles, boards and lumber, all seemed to fly.
'Twas that big black brawny bull, with the devil in his eye.

That big bull was chargin' directly at me.
Sent me runnin' for cover, I clumb a big tree.
He hit that tree, such a powerful force,
it broke many branches, but I hung there, of course.

Then he circled that tree, a pawin' the ground,
and bellerin' so low, a spooky, threatenin' sound.
Then he seemed to laugh at me, stuck his tail in the air,
took off over the hill, to I know not where.

Well, winter came, and times got tough.
The bank took the ranch, left us all hurtin' enough.
So I traveled the circuit, of the rodeo show,
was gainin' some money, tho' slowly it grows.

I wanted a place that I could call mine,
a place for Ole Blue, a ranch of a kind.
Then the circuit was bringin' me closer to home,
I was lookin' at land, for a place I could own.

That week, I paid all the entrance I could,
bareback, saddle bronc, steer wrestlin', even bulls hopin' I would
win day money, come away fully able
to buy me some land, for Ole Blue a home stable.

I drew this bull, they said no man could ride.
They called him "Satan", said "you'll soon know why."
I had taken day money, two previous events
Was feelin' real good, til, to the bull chute I was sent.

When I looked in that chute, I let out a big sigh,
'Twas that big black brawny bull, with the devil in his eye.
When they opened the gate, the death fight was on,
Win or die was the feelin' so strong.

The buzzer went off, but the fight did not end.
We were both so determined, never to bend.
Eight seconds became thirty eight, so I hear,
They say the crowd was all standin' in a deafening cheer.

Then, that bull stuck his leg 'tween the bars of the fence.
We went down in a heap, broke his leg and that fence.
I had won the bull ridin', but the money I'd give,
"Please keep it all, just let that bull live!"

Well finally I got me a place of my own.
A place from to build, and call it my home.
Just ten straggly acres, Ole Blue and I
and a broke to ride, crooked legged, Big Black Brawny Bull,
with "cow courtin'" in his eye.

Mr. Perk