Last Updated November 10, 2011

2011/2012 AMVETS, AMVETS Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS National Officers

2011/2012 AMVETS National Officers
National CommanderGary Fry
National First Vice CommanderCleve Geer
National Second Vice CommanderJohn H. Mitchell, Jr.
Past National CommanderJerry Hotop
National Executive DirectorStewart M. Hickey
National Judge AdvocateJoseph Sulzer
National Finance OfficerBill Noltner
National Provost MarshallArt Majors
National ChaplainGary Saladay
National Inspector GeneralGeorge Ondick

2011/2012 AMVETS Auxiliary National Officers

National PresidentLynda Taylor
National First Vice PresidentLeslie Wunderle
National Second Vice PresidentLinda McGriff
National Third Vice President Sylvia Rowland
National TreasurerBarbara Guth (PNP)
National ParliamentarianHeidi Dineen-Serpis (PNP)
National ChaplainRuthann Bean
National Sgt At ArmsBarbara Valley

2011/2012 Sons of AMVETS National Officers

National CommanderJohn Barnhill
National First Vice CommanderJon Keith
National Second Vice CommanderDonald P. Finnegan
National Third Vice CommanderJim Meyers
National Finance OfficerDaniel K. Briggs
National Judge AdvocateGene Batt

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