Dept of Labor Announces One-Stop Centers

Part of a Nationwide program funded by U.S. Labor Department

Contact: Jeff Smith
Alaska JTPA Liaison
Department of Community & Regional Affairs
333 W. 4th Ave, Suite 220
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2341
(907) 269-4607

Alaska's goal is to reduce the service disparity between it's rural and urban populations. It's one-stop career center system offers a broad array of services. Electronic services, through Internet, kiosks, telephone, etc.. will be available to most remote areas of the state. These electronic services include: labor market and economic development information, access to job listings and resumes state- and nationwide, resource information for job seekers, read/write interaction with staff at full-service and hub center, program enrollment information and self-referral, and employer technical assistance for workforce readiness and training programs. Full-service centers will offer vocational counseling, case management, financial assistance for education and training, GED classes, literacy training, employment-related skills training, social services, day- care assistance, crisis/personal counseling, small business development training, school-to- work connecting activities, apprenticeship services, welfare and work first services, Title IV higher education/postsecondary financial aid, and housing programs assistance.

Alaska is implementing a highly integrated service delivery structure based on the need to reach a widely dispersed population. Full-service centers staffed with workers cross-trained in multiple programs are being opened in urban areas while rural hub centers will have second tier access through electronic and "circuit-riding" staff.

Including three pilot full-service centers now in place, Alaska will have implemented eight full-service centers and four rural hub centers during the first year of the grant, covering more than 80 percent of the state's population. One more full-service and two rural-hub centers will open in the second year. Full electronic integration will be completed during the third year of the grant.

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