AMVETS Services

A network of trained National Service Officers across the country provide free expert advice to veterans and veteran's dependents. Annually these officers handle thousands of claims and obtain various benefits for the deserving veterans. These include hospitalization, disability compensation, and educational benefits.

AMVETS keep a watchful eye and take an active part in legislation on "The Hill". Action on pending Congressional bills is based on the assumption that "the veteran will ultimately benefit from any measure that benefits the nation and, conversely, any program not good for the country as a whole cannot be good for the veteran." AMVETS are especially proud of their roles in the enactment of the "Korean G.I. Bill of Rights" and the "Cold War Bill Of Rights."

Domestic issues, national defense, and foreign relations are issues of importance and grave concern to AMVETS.

Since 1967, AMVETS have taken their Operation Driver Excellence Program to hundreds of high schools across Illinois to stress the necessity of superior driving. Each year operation Driver Excellence competitions award $3,000 in scholarships to teenage safe drivers.

Through many programs AMVETS lends a helping hand, and warm human sympathy to our over 100,000 hospitalized veterans. AMVETS has Veterans Administration Voluntary Service (VAVS) representatives in VA hospitals throughout the country. The AMVETS National Service Foundation donates thousands of dollars annually for Post "matching funds" to assist outfitting VA centers with needed equipment, both therapeutic and recreational.